Welcome to Lake Township FISH

FISH'S function is to be a source of temporary emergency assistance for people in need in the Lake Township, Ohio area. Emergency help includes food, clothing, transportation, utilities, housing eviction payments and other miscellaneous help as needed. A holiday Help Program is also available at Thanksgiving and Christmas.

Food for Thought for the New Year

In spite of the fact we complain and lament
And view this old world with much discontent,
Deploring its conditions and grumbling because
There’s so much injustice and so many flaws.
But it is a wonderful world because of people like you
Who make it that way, by the things that they do.
For a warm, ready smile or a kind, thoughtful deed
Or a hand outstretched in an hour of need
Can change our whole outlook and make the world bright,
Where a minute before just nothing seemed right.
It’s a wonderful world and it always will be
If we keep our eyes open and focused to see
The wonderful things man is capable of
When he opens his heart to God and His love.

                                   ------ Helen Steiner Rice


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330-877-1845 (Monday thru Friday 8 a.m. to 12 p.m.)